Juliette Barnes Keeps Looking The Same Way With Her Baby Bump!

Juliette Barnes is surely a glam queen and even her own pregnancy cannot stop her looking glamorous! Hayden Panettiere, the actress playing Juliette Barnes, is now close to her big day! She is approaching her delivery date soon but she is seen continuing her role of Juliette Barnes on Nashville drama series. On the show, she is not covering or trying to hide her baby bump as she plays role of a wild-child country celeb. Okay the story does not end here as with the real life pregnancy the Nashville’s writers thought of adding to her in the ‘Reel’ life too! Her pregnancy is part of the story now and hence costume designer named Susie DeSanto is making lot of changes in the actress’s wardrobe for the show!

As she carries the character of a wild child, Barnes, is always seen wearing sparkly dress and a hemline which is quite short! This was a glamorous combination. But now as the actress will be pregnant in the show too, the designer assures that she will not be losing her glam look at all.

Juliette Barnes Keeps Looking The Same Way With Her Baby Bump

De Santo said, “It’s been a big challenge. I mean, she’s a really tiny girl and she’s pregnant. There’s nowhere for that baby to be but in the room! I think the most challenging part is maintaining Juliette’s character while covering up [the extent of] her pregnancy.” The designer also added that our favorite star will be delivering in the month of December.

The designer further said that the character Juliette has a self-conscious style. You would always find the character wearing shortest skirt of all! So as to keep the same feminine, attractive look unchanged the designer tried a trick. De Santo added, “We’ve been buying bigger clothes and tailoring them down. That way, we can use the same designers, colors, and fabrics.”

DeSanto’s team is already done the job for few episodes for the third season which is coming on 24th September, Wednesday, at 10 p.m. She added, “She’s still singing her songs—she rocked a sequined dress last week! I love that girl.”


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