Kate Gosselin shows huge cleavage in Mexico

Even at the age of 40, the mother of eight still stuns the world! It seems like managing her 11-year-old sextuplets and 14-year-old twins has kept mother Kate Gosselin in great shape. She definitely has one of the most amazing bikini bodies, and at this age, it is well maintained.

The reality star of TLC on Kate Plus 8 episode, this week, wore a cleavage exposing bikini. She flaunted her body well in Mexico recently where she was celebrating her 40th birthday. She had taken off some ‘me’ time with a friend to relax at the poolside. She had worn a bright purple top and had a wonderful time with her children while making cute sand habitat for the creatures of the ocean.

Kate Gosselin shows huge cleavage in Mexico

On June 23, on her TLC show she revealed that it was quite a wonderful time. And it was a much needed relaxation which she was in dire need after the busy trip.

Also when she was asked about Jon Gosselin, her ex-husband, she straightforwardly shut down all talks and stated that she was not interested to talk about the past and that she does not define herself to past scenarios. From 2009, the exes are undergoing a consistent battle for their divorce. And she has the primary custody of the kids. It was in the previous month that Jon, 38, wanted full custody for Hannah their daughter.

Kate Gosselin shows huge cleavage in Mexico 1

Kate’s children- Hannah, Joel, Madelyn, Aaden, Alexis, Collin Cara and Leah also were present in the sunny gateway. At Haab restaurant, the family had an enjoyable private birthday lunch. They also had a great time at Little Eko Chefs Kitchen while the children enjoyed adorning gourmet birthday cakes for their wonderful mother.

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