Kate Hudson Rocks At Wish I Was Here’s Promotion Event Flunting A Stylish Look

Kate Hudson is well known for her beautifully toned body. Hudson was looking hot on Thursday evening as made an appearance for the promotion of her new movie. On the red carpet she made sure that all eyes remain glued to her. She was seen at London’s Empire in Leicester Square. She was accompanied by co-star Zach Braff. For the photo call of the film Wish I Was Here, the 35-year-old star’s black bra was visible as she wore sheer top. She wore knitted top paired with black and white trousers which were wide wedged. She wore nude high heels that made her look tall and more confident as she walked on the red carpet. She left her hair styled as put-down loose curls. The star who is also the mother-of-two kids was seen wearing accessories like two gold necklaces as well as a chunky ring.

The co-star Braff was looking smart in knitted cardigan and a shirt. He paired it with trousers and burgundy colored bowling shoes. Braff has played many roles as he is co-writer, director and actor in the movie. As he got an opportunity to work with young co-stars like Joey King, who is , and Pierce Gagnon, who is nine, he thinks that he would like to have his earlier than what he had thought before!

Kate Hudson and Zach Braff Rock At Wish I Was Here’s Promotion Event

The 39-year-old star said, “These kids made me want children even sooner. I really enjoyed them so much. I’d like to be father like him. I think I’ll be a lot of fun and they’ll inspire me to go on lots of adventures”.

Wish I Was Here is the story of a father who by home schooling makes his children know his purpose and identity. While talking about Joey and Pierce, Zach said that the kids were extraordinary as well as so professional and at the same time just naturals. He did not hesitate to call them best child actors of the country!

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