Katy Perry Dress Weird and Talks Weird on ESPN’s College Game Day

Katy Perry appeared on ESPN’s College Game Day on 4th October, Saturday. It became famous for more than one thing. Perry was present with unusual attire. She had styled her hair into double hair buns along with dark pink colored jersey! But it was not her more-than-weird outfit which made the segment go viral but the commentary that followed. The “Firework” singer also added some sparks to the event.  Perry was with Chris Fowler and analysts Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and Lee Corso for the sport talk. It wasbroadcasted live from the University of Mississippi campus. Perry had also mentioned the event on her Twitter account as she wrote, “OXFORD MISSISSIPPI I’M HERE WITH REBEL RED HAIR TODAY! ARE YOU READY?! @CollegeGameDay #GetUp4GameDay”

Katy Perry Dress Weird and Talks Weird on ESPN’s College Game Day

Katy 29, looked like not really seriously about her hosting duties. First of all, she sat next to the other commentators which were males. She actually threw a corn dog at the camera.She had no idea about the college football. But Perry did not hesitate to make predictions about the games. When she was asked whether Oklahoma would win over Texas Christian University, she made very weird statement. She said, “I’m picking this one on looks, Trevor Knight, do you hear me?” She further added, “The quarterback for Oklahoma we don’t mind so I’m going to go with him. Trevor Knight call me!”

The weird segment actually didn’t end there. When she was asked about upcoming game she again proved to have no clue about the game. She said, “Is this the one that has the c–ks in it?” (Answer: No. She was mistaking the teams with the University of South Carolina, whose mascot is The Gamecocks.)

Oklahoma had to cheer on Perry’s choice. But later on university did not hesitate to write on Twitter as follows, “Welcome, @KatyPerry, to the @Trevor_Knight9 fan club.”

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