Kendall Jenner Got Punky for Chanel Couture

Model Kendall Jenner participated in a major haute couture show for Chanel with a punky hairstyle which invited a lot of comment form online

Kendall Jenner, the second youngest member of the Kardashian family, participated in a high profile haute couture show for the famous fashion brand Chanel with a punk hairstyle to complement her outfit. She has participating in a number of fashion shows for renowned designers like Givenchy and Karl Lagerfield and seems to be readying for a full time career as a model. She was earlier spotted in Paris dressed casually in a white short tank top and black pants, with hair left open,  but it was not difficult to miss her model like demeanor.

Kendall Jenner Got Punky for Chanel Couture

The punk hairstyle for the Chanel haute couture show was designed to match her outfit for the show, a rather unconventional off the shoulder red and mainly black overcoat like garment , with a prominent silver chain. The dress  had a rectangular pattern, with yellow lines separating the rectangles, reached her ankles and had unusual black feathered sleeves. To match the dress, she had also worn a small round hat of similar black and red color, into which she had tucked her spiked hair. The footwear worn with the outfit was rather plain, similar to black flip flops in appearance.

Kendall Jenner Got Punky for Chanel Couture2

Though none of her family members, including her mom manager were present at the show , Kendall Jenner had Kris Jenner supporting her as he posted a congratulatory message, complementing her appearance at the fashion show. Before the fashion show, Kendall Jenner posed for a selfie in this punk hair style, red and black outfit with another model Alexandra Elizabeth, backstage, which was very popular on instagram, receiving millions of likes and tens of thousands of comments.

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