Kendall Jenner in Her Glam Look for Harper’s Bazaar

Kendall Jenner, the hot and one of the leading names of today’s fashion industry, poses in her rocking and glam look for Harper’s Bazaar.

This supermodel of nineteen made a partnership with Chanel honcho for a photo shoot which is going to be the glamorous one, in May of 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. It has provided Kendall the center position of the annual beauty edition of mag.

On the other hand, Karl Lagerfeld was responsible for the stunning photos of Kendall Jenner where she wore exclusive ornate pieces taken the collection of Chanel fall-winter 2015.

Kendall Jenner in Her Glam Look for Harper’s Bazaar

In her personal interview, Kendall presents her aspect to see the life to be happy and successful in her long run and keeps on talking about the lust-worthy couture style of famous Kim Kardashian, her big sis. It becomes clear from her words that how much she admires her sister, Kim’s style.

Kendall admits that Kim is so beautiful and has the perfect knowledge about working on her style that will suit her body and make it look more attractive and this provides her with the quality to be a fashion icon. She shares her sweet memories with Kim in Paris. And it was a confession almost that Kendall looks for fashion advice from Kim.

This teen model reveals her relation with her best friend ever, Lagerfeld. She opens up that she was so shy at her first meeting with Karl that he would say his words and Kendall was completely silent and only nodded her head to agree with him. She thought that Karl would take her as a weird one ever for her behavior. And it was like meeting a crush for Kendall at the first meeting, but at this present moment they are nothing but Best Friends Forever.

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