Kendall Jenner rules the Turkish runway

Kendall Jenner is technically ruling the modeling world. And she proved her supremacy once again at the Turkish runway.  On Tuesday the brunette beauty was surrounded by models at the Turkish runway. However, despite of the presence of all models, she ended up being the centre of attraction.

The white suit that Kendal donned was posh and classic! The 19-year-old supermodel on Tuesday turned out being the star at the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show that was held at Antalya, Turkey. And she walked beautifully in the 2015 resort wear looking, as always, a complete stunner. There was nothing to stop her!

Kendall Jenner rules the Turkish runway 2

Kendall flaunted beautifully her long pins and she walked past in a flotilla of designer outfits. Her outfits also included a tuxedo jacket of white. She had a horde of models walking the ramp too in contrasting black shorts and stylish tuxedo jackets together with top hats.

At the moment the gorgeous supermodel seems to be unrivalled. She has been quite busy with her Topshop collection launch. And she has been quite a familiar face at awards events too.

She looked quite attractive in a coat whose color was close to pink bubble gum. The coat displays catchy leotard and slit details delightfully. Her set of jewelries was in perfect tune with her outfit.

Kendall Jenner rules the Turkish runway

It was also claimed that last week the 19 year old model posed on Instagram a few racy images to outshine her sister.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star is also all set to post a few of her risque images. Now she is in the race to gain more number of followers than her 17-year-old little sister.

A close source also revealed that both the sisters tend to get highly competitive when it comes to counting who has more number of followers on Instagram.

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