Kesha Shows Freckles in her Makeup-Free Selfie

Kesha is undoubtedly a natural beauty. She has shown her natural beauty in many occasions. She has flaunted her flawless face in many events too. But now, this beauty of 27 years has flaunted her make-up free face. And not only that, but she has also shown her freckles.

On Wednesday, this singer of the popular “Timber”, has shared her snap via her Instagram account. In that snap she has shown her face that is make-up free and really flawless. More interestingly, her face reveals her adorable freckles. In the pic that the beauty has posted to share with her fans and followers, the lady seems to rock her hair that is rainbow colored. She has also flaunted her black beanie that has words written like “Meow”. She has also shown her black sweater. In that pic her skin seems to glow and it shows off those adorable freckles.

Kesha Shows Freckles in her Makeup-Free Selfie

Though the songstress did not caption that pic, but still it won many hearts, especially her fans and followers. She has put however her heart emojis, cat, and rainbow. Wow! These are the coolest.

If you have remembered Kesha’s personas in 2010, you will notice that this look that flaunts her bare face is totally different from her looks that she sported in 2010.

In an interview with “Teen Vogue”, this singer, from “Die Young”, told that she had been looking to try an alteration of her image. She told, “I remember thinking, I don’t want to be pretty. Don’t call me pretty.” Kesha told in the August issue. She continued, “If somebody called me that, it was almost offensive — I would put on more eyeliner or draw things down my face.” Kesha also told, “There was a defining moment about six months ago — I think it was a breakup — where I decided that maybe I do want to try to be pretty. I want to just try.”

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