Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Assets in a Revealing Top

Covering the lowers, she had to balance it by revealing the upper, Kim Kardashian was the talk of the Paris Fashion Week with her high waisted pants and unbuttoned top. The 33 year old Mrs. West simply knows how to balance her look by covering her entire lower body with the pant and leaving nothing to imagination, she chose to wear a plaid shirt which was totally unbuttoned. The hot mama dazzled the Paris Fashion Week and flaunted her assets. The sidewalk was transformed in to the runway for her as she was in town for the Fashion week.

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Assets in a Revealing Top

We are glad that she did not had to go through a wardrobe malfunction as her assets were in place, and partially concealed. Her black bra was visible from the side and her outfit was successful at focusing the assets well and displaying her ample chest. Her hair was pulled back in a pony which was sleekly done with her middle parting. Everything in place, from hair to clothes, the focal point of the outfit was her chest. Her cleavage became the talk of the town as her bra just could not keep her assets down.

Kim’s styling is often a hit or a miss but she can be given credit for experimenting with her looks and style. The hot mama knows how to have fun with fashion and when to switch up the silhouettes and show off. Her high waisted pants definitely drew attention to her curvaceous booty and made her look curvy with a K. Though her look is not that great in this outfit but she can be appreciated for trying the different trends. High waisted trousers are quite in trend for all the fashion shows for Fall season 2014 and it is not surprising to see Kim trying out the trend.

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