Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner welcomes the Fall season with Plaid Styling

One of our very own fashionista Kim Kardashian was seen sporting a red color plaid shirt, lumberjack-inspired with sleeves all rolled up during the Paris Fashion Week shows on 25th September,2014. Her shirt was unbuttoned on the front which revealed her black inner. She paired the red plaid shirt with a wide-leg tuxedo pants which complemented the shirt well and made the overall look complete. She accessorized her outfit with a satin cummerbund waistband along with her gold tassel handbag which is her favorite. She is not the only one who was seen welcoming the Fall season with open arms, her mother Kris Jenner was also seen in the traditional styling trend with 18 year old daughter Kendall Jenner.

Kris Jenner, 58, was seen wearing a very modest schoolgirl-inspired plaid infusion dress on 24th September, 2014. She wore a white button-up blouse with a demure tartan plaid skirt. She also sported a black ribbon bow tie with the white button up blouse. She finished her ensemble with riding boots made up of black patent leather.

Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner welcomes the Fall season with Plaid Styling

Kendall Jenner looked uber cool and extremely sophisticated in a pantsuit outfit which was checkered printed. Her bikini body was all covered in monochromatic rendition of black and white. She styled her pantsuit by pairing it with black pumps and dark sunglasses. She looked very elegant in her sophisticated plaid.

While in a press appearance in New York, Jessica Simpson, 34, was seen wearing a mixed printed plaid on 24th September, 2014. She wore a minidress with two-for-one plaid in two contrasting colors. She paired the dress with a black leather belt and dark sunglasses. She accessorized the outfit with a big black leather tote handbag and wore a black suede platform pumps to complete the look. The mixed printed outfit grounded with suede pumps looked quite trendy and cool.

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