Kim’s New Routine and New Beauty Regimen

Motherhood is really the toughest phase of a woman’s life and more importantly it applies to actresses also. Kim Kardashian revealed her tanning tips and beauty tricks on Aug. 6. She talked while she was promoting ‘Kardashian Sun Kissed Line’ that is from her family at Ulta in L.A. The reality show superstar also narrated how her life has changed with the two new roles as mother and as wife! She admits that she has to cut down on the beauty-treatment time but it’s for her and her family’s welfare. She said, “I used to spray tan more before I got married. I would get it so dark and look so crazy.”

Kim has become wife and working mom lately, and she has reduced the beautifying sessions. She admits, “I don’t really have as much time, so I just like to spray myself,” She must have reducing doing it but she is looking extremely beautiful even with this low-maintenance regime. Looks like that her new role is making her to reschedule routine things. On this she said, “The baby and husband are in bed sleeping, and I spray myself and go to bed. No one wants to come in the middle of the night once everyone’s down, so it just makes it easy.”

Kim’s New Routine and New Beauty Regimen

The tanning range by Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney, includes a gel, foam and spray. Kim said, “I think it’s super easy. I travel so much. I love to take the spray and spray my face and my neck, and I do it in sections. I’ll do upper body one night. It’s hard to do it all at once.”

For any star it is of utmost importance to look flawless and glowing all the time Kim disclosed her secrets as she said,. “It’s my secret weapon. I always tan before I go on vacation. I don’t like to go on vacation [pale] and have to work on my tan.”

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