Kristin Cavallari Talks about “Style Over Comfort”

Kristin Cavallari proved to be the hottest mom in recent times! She was looking stunning in crop top-plus-pencil skirt combination design as she attended Style360 event. The event took place on Sept. 11, i.e., on Thursday. This was her first public appearance after baby and it gave chance to all fans to see hoe their star looks after baby!

The ex Laguna Beach celeb stepped out since she gave birth to her son Jaxon. He was born on May 7. The star no doubt surprised everyone with her slim body. She dared to wear tummy-baring attire. As she knew it would become cold in evening in New York City, the star wore moto-black jacket. She styled her beautiful blond hair in neat smooth ponytail.

Kristin Cavallari Talks about Style Over Comfort 1

The celeb was not there to show off her toned body or a fashionable outfit.  But she made the appearance for a shoe line. Cavallari, who was seen wearing her own “Laney” booties said, “This is my girliest collection that I’ve done to date. I’m not like a super girly girl, so that’s why this collection is really fun for me,”

The star also expressed her preference to style over comfort.  She said she is all the time ‘In’ for fashion and style! She added, “I’m about style first and foremost. But that’s one of the things that Chinese Laundry is so great at, their shoes really are comfortable. So I don’t even have to worry about that because this is my fifth or sixth collection, so I know that they’re comfortable.”

When asked about the factors she would consider most while designing she said her outmost preference would got for ‘Color’! Because of this may be she loves the spring season. In this season one can see lots of vibrant colors! She revealed about her special inclination towards floral designs too!

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