Latest Fashion Trends For European women 2014/2015

One more new year is about to come, experts fashion designers always offer you with what they suppose will be the new fashion trends for the new year.

Few attractive designs are done for a specific season while few are done to be stylish all through the year. Few also stay stylish within the numbers of year. Here are few of the very attractive fashion trends which are offered as the running and upcoming year.

Latest Fashion Trends For European women 2014/2015

The year 2014 is supposed to be shocking in conditions of clothing as tremendous prints and colors are in fashion. Prints of animal like dots leopard are the major attraction. Metallic shades such as silver and gold are even in trend. To counterbalance the showy look of the prints, impartial colors like grey and beige are even a specific hit for things like blazers and coats. Transparent top can even be sought out for the hotter season.

You can see that, European women are savvier about their fashion. In the meantime, some old patterns for pants and shorts are back. Things like jumpsuits and hot pants are back in demand. They are finest paired with stocking or long socks up to or on top of the knee. For those women who never prefer to use the shorts yet still desire to show few area of skin, long size of skirts and beautiful dresses with high size splits can keep you appear sexy. Just same with the pants, the top can either have attractive prints and beautiful patterns or just available in plain to vivid color. Apart from abstract, animal prints, floral and some other muscular prints make brighter the normally boring pants color. Feathers and ruffles on shorts and skirts are even in fashion and are perfectly paired with unbiased-colored tops as match. So stay updated with newest fashion trends in this and upcoming year.

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