Lauren Conrad Unveiled How She Selected 10 Bridesmaids For Her Wedding

Lauren Conrad explained how she picked up 10 bridesmaids for the wedding with William Tell. It was a dream wedding for Lauren, while she added that her motto behind such decision.

The more the merrier

The 28 years old American TV personality mentioned “the more the merrier” in her personal blog on Thursday, September 18. Lauren Conrad said “I didn’t mind the idea of having a large bridal party… to a point (you don’t want more people standing up than in seats!)” She added that “It really is a personal preference, and I knew that having a bigger bridal party with all of my best friends was the way to go.”

Sweet love

It was not at all difficult to select 10 girls to stand by her during the wedding. The famous TV personality tied the knot with her 2012 Valentine’s Day blind date, William Tell successfully. She even exclaimed that its one of the most fun. Lauren even asked her younger sister and her best friends to be the part of the auspicious day.

Lauren Conrad Unveiled How She Selected 10 Bridesmaids For Her Wedding 1

Friends from far away

The Us Weekly reported that the couple married on September 13, 2014. The entire venue was decorated with sophisticated fittings and decors. The lady also mentioned to invite her friends who are out of the state. She advised to call all the far away friends in such event even though they are not able to take part. As per Lauren, “That doesn’t mean that they should be excluded. My advice? Include your far away friends anyways, even if they won’t be able to take part in all the activities.”

Lauren concluded, “I also think it’s a good idea to take into consideration people who are going to be in your life for a long time, like your partner’s sister(s) or best friends.”

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