Let’s Meet Uzo Aduba and Not Suzanne with ‘Crazy eyes’!

Uzo Aduba won the Emmy Award for the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in television series ‘Orange Is the New Black’. She acted as Suzanne with famous ‘Crazy eyes’. It was interesting to know more about the actress! She has now become a ‘Bonafide celeb’! When she was asked how it is different for her to be known as Suzanne and as Uzo? She said people now know how she looks in real life, than how Suzanne looks like. She takes it as a nice change. Before this fans expect her to be girl who would always wear jumpsuit with the knots in hair! And on the top of that fans think she would be like that in her routine life! But now as they know her as a person, fans understand that she is different than Suzanne in her real life.

The character she played has received big applaud. But she gives credit to all people who work with her, starting from stylist to the makeup artist. The ‘Transformation’ brought by the artists makes fans really surprise her when they see her in real life! That she takes as real compliment!

Let’s Meet Uzo Aduba and Not Suzann with ‘Crazy eyes’

When she was asked about what color she would prefer on red carpet she said, “I’ll definitely wear orange on the red carpet! Maybe not the exact shade of it that’s on the show, but I love vibrant colors, and I also think an orange lip could be really gorgeous. I love a colorful lip. I’ll keep my orange pride in the family.”

When she was asked how does she take the fashion gap in her teeth she said, it’s little different at the same time beautiful!  Even Madonna and Lauren Hutton had it!

Uzo was also asked if she forgot to thank someone at Emmy’s. She replied, “I come from Nigeria and we live by the idea that it takes a village. So my entire team. I live by my team: my friends, my neighbors, my teachers—they’re the people who taught me how to be a free actor. You know, not somebody that holds back but somebody that brings it all to the scene. My teacher Claudia Catania—please thank her for me!”

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