Lily Collins steals Kendall Jenner’s style Met Gala 2015

From runway to real life events, Lily Collins did a great job at the recent Met Gala Event. The actress had adorned the very same outfit, which Kendall Jenner the supermodel, had worn in her first runway show! Get all the details of the look Lily carried herself in and you can judge it yourself for who wore it better!

There could be nothing brighter and cooler than to watch a runway outfit adorned beautifully by a celeb and this time it was Lily Collins, 26, who did it exceptionally well!

Just recently at Met Gala on May 4 Lily donned a gorgeous springy Chanel ensemble, quite feminine to the core. Well, this was the very same outfit that Kendall Jenner, 19, had worn at the runway at the Paris Fashion Week, back in January.

Well, this is definitely a touch call however you have to make the decision, who wore it better!

One of the biggest events of the year, Met Gala 2015 is one big night where celebs and the ‘who’s who’ of the town, get the chance to turn up at their best. Lily Collins played just the right tune and ended up turning in a chic Chanel top and skirt, the very same kinds which Kendall Jenner had adorned just few months back.

Lily Collins steals Kendall Jenner’s style Met Gala 2015

Lily simply adorned it in the best way possible after picking the style just right from the runway. As seen on the runway, the supermodel Kendall did not cover up her midriff section, however Lily chose to be a bit different. She ended up striking a more demure appeal as she altered the top and somewhat connected it to the skirt and also picked up an toed black stilettos to blend with this style. However yes she did put on the very same black net veil which was sported by the model, and we simply loved every bit of it.

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