Lisa Small Talks about ‘Shoes Evolution’!

In today’s world of fashion ‘Shoes’ Or ‘Heels’ have emerged as a important accessory that needs to be talked and discussed. At the Brooklyn Museum, Lisa Small has curated the exhibition named: Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. The curator who works there since 2011 has powerful resume. She has worked as curator at many museums and one of them is Dahesh Museum. Before that she has experience of history teacher at Hunter College, School of Visual Arts and Brooklyn College. It was interesting to know what Lisa think about this ‘Shoe-evolution’ and how does she go about showcasing 500 years of foot wear., platforms circa the 1st century B.C., and how to best showcase 500 years of shoes.

When she was asked actually where she started working on it she said that she wanted to avoid the usual historical view. So what she did is , she chose shoes from latest designers. Her favorites are latest as last year and then tried to find out designs as old as from 16-17-18th century. That was an innovative approach looking towards how the concept developed. She tried to figure out  how the concept of ‘Shoes’ must have evolved.

Lisa Small Talks about Shoes Evolution 1

When she was asked about what was the most surprising thing she found while working on this project. She said that it wasPlatform shoes! They are still in fashion .While working she found many sculptures from the 1st century B.C of the goddess Aphrodite showcase these platform sandals. It was surprising as we consider it as modern fashion trend but it is been there since long time!

When she was asked about what kind of shoes she prefers she said, “It’s funny because I have a two-track thing: There are heels that I just love to look at, heels that are best for me to wear—and maybe you are lucky and you can have both of those at the same time.” But she would definitely respond to the shoes that look good as she is more focused on the design feature!


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