London Fashion Week Showcases Wearable Designs For Plus-Size!

Good news fir plus size women! At London Fashion Week, on last day a sort of a revolution took place. For the very first time models wore plus-size clothes on the ramp! The collection for the XL-size was displayed as a proud thing to do on the runway. On the show there were bright, light and flimsy, lovely clothes that every woman will want to wear. Generally the sizes which do not fit in ‘Normal’ ranges have to satisfy themselves with whatever is available in the store. Such pieces generally look made up of hideous materials and just pretends to be party wear!

At the High Street brand Evans’ starting show, models participating in catwalk with sandals and covered booties wore smartly cut tight tops with matching loose fitting pants; nicely pleated plissé dresses. Models also wore nicely flowing jumpers which floated on the floor, metallic and pleated skirt that fluttered like delicate material. The collection also had white blouses that had greenish-gray shadows, along with other beautiful varieties of skirts and dresses.

London Fashion Week Showcases Wearable Designs For Plus-Size 1

Was this a casual effort to display wearable fashion for plus-size? Evans has teamed up six high-profile designers and specialists for plus size, which will be collaborating to bring this ‘extra’ size collection in shops for next spring season. It looks like to be an innovative as well as symbiotic association, where the fashion teams revisited their own designs to convert them into plus sizes. Of course with the help of Evans in-house experience!

Getting designs done for plus size has much to do with sculpting and cutting. But many times we have seen addition of fabrics one over for plus size. The new designs by Vita Gottlieb, Clements Ribeiro, Lulu Liu, Giles Deacon, Jamie Wei Huang and Hema Kaul have used attractive range of materials which really look fresh and lovely.

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