Long Hair-Latest Trend in Hair Style

From Madonna, Ciara to Beyoncé- it seems like the Rapunzel syndrome is gleaming all over the red carpet!

Deep down we women know it, long tresses make a woman feel more feminine, girlish, and at the same time ends up exuding a touch of elegance too! Today most of the celebs, from Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé to many more on the list, are looking stunning in their super long tresses. So they do look girly and add a touch of sensuality too, however for those smooth, flowing hair, what are the must-haves you need to follow?

Long Hair-Latest Trend in Hair Style

Professional hair expert Ramirez gives valuable comments to make these long tresses easily manageable. The expert said that the very first rule that he makes his clients make note of is to follow a good regimen. It is a must to use a good shampoo and conditioner and he recommends Shea Moisture for this, however also makes a point to mention that one must not wash hair daily. It is advised to use a heat protector if you are into frequent styling, that’s the case of celebs and models! The Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray does a pretty good job!

The expert advices to keep silicone at bay. If one wishes to keep it natural, then it would be better to keep away from low silicone products or the ones that are formula free. Try to go for a gentle clarifying formula and one that deep cleans.

Ramirez focuses on brush tresses the right way. He says that one should always try to keep away from tangles and for this Ramirez recommends to make a single plait or you could also stick to two braids by splitting your hair into two halves. You can also wrap your hair with a scarf or sleep in silk pillow as these are steps that will help your hair from breaking.

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