Lots of Appreciation for Kendall from Kris!

We all know that Kris Jenner is a proud mother! The Kris Jenner, the mom of Kendall, shared her experiences with E! News. She said that Kendall rocked at New York Fashion Week this season! She worked with all big names in the field. She participated in runway at Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger shows. The proud mother said that she was really excited to see how hard Kandall was working. She admitted that probably she had not realized how much efforts it takes to do what her 18 year old daughter-who is now a successful model. The 58 years old mother publically accepted her daughter as being successful. The mother further added, “She’s so happy with the way things have turned out and just has her nose to the grindstone. It’s about the work for her. I’m impressed, and I’m really respectful of that.”

Jenner did not only make her mother proud but has no doubt impressed lot of big names. Her hard work at fashion shows has made everyone predict her to be the upcoming ‘Supermodel’. Even, Victoria’s Secret celeb Alessandra Ambrosio was one of the models who expressed what she feels about Kendall. She admitted that Jenner’s work has really impressed her!

Lots of Appreciation for Kendall


She did not hesitate to praise her and give her some candid advice! She said, “I think she is very driven. She knows what she wants and she has been conquering the whole fashion world. It’s amazing. I just think it’s such an inspiration for a lot of girls who want to start modeling.” The Brazillian star was very much excited while talking. Alessandra Further added, “You know, I’ve read a lot of her interviews, and I know her. I remember when she started and she’s come a long way already. She’s doing so well already. It’s inspiring for everybody!”

Kendall is receiving appreciation from family as well as from fashion world! Well done!

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