Lulu Kennedy Talks About Rave Culture And Its Reflection In Fashion Trends!

Lulu Kennedy is big name in the field of fashion. She gets the credit of creating the legendary Fashion East program. This is the program that launched design stars like Simone Rocha and J.W. Anderson who are very young. She is known to design sweaters with unicorn. She has gorgeous hair too. As she presented Lulu & Co spring 2015 presentation, she had models with the signature prints around her! Her latest creation is raves inspired. While talking about the raves and her connection she said, “I used to put on raves in the ’90s.Dodgy raves in warehouses. I did them in Italy, of all places! The raves were in Naples and they were called United Tribes. So that’s why my collection is quite tribal and it has that street vibe.”

Kennedy lost her old plastic dresses. She further adds, “All my rave clothes mysteriously vanished.” But coming spring she would be having so many options to buy from. Credit goes to rave-inspired collections by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Markus Lupfer, Gareth Pugh and Jeremy Scott.

Lulu Kennedy Talks About Rave Culture And Its Reflection In Fashion Trends 1

When asked about the rave-culture as theme for fashion she said that, ‘Rave culture’ is a great reference point. The culture has message like unity, freedom and peace. For her using the culture as theme is very satisfying as it is like remembering the message left behind by the movement. So she does not really think how successful it becomes on the ramp! According to her when it comes to Great Britain, raves were a hugely important cultural thing. She further adds, “They were so much fun, but they also created so many fashion moments and music moments…I don’t think the festival scene could exist and be so big now if it weren’t for ‘90s raves.” When she was asked about difference between Coachella and a United Tribes party, she answered that, “Actually, I’d love to throw a rave again. But the invite would say ‘no phones.’ And then nobody would listen to me and bring their phones anyway.”

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