Maggie Rizer Walks at NYFW After A Decade!

Maggie Rizer has many qualifications as an American model, AIDS activist, and an actress. She is known as ambassador for Operation Smile. Rizer has pale skin which is covered in freckles. Her signature bright blue eyes attracted all fashion worlds. In the initial period, Rizer denied modeling offers as she wanted to continue her studies at State University of New York at Genesco as well as at Rochester Institute of Technology. She naturally has strawberry blonde, which is colored to make it red that really grabbed attention of Italian Vogue. She impressed Steven Meisel, the photographer.

She shared her experiences. While she was getting ready for the most anticipated show i.e. — Michael Kors Maggie talked about how she feels at NYFW and all.As this was her NYFW runway show after a long time the oblivious question was how she feels about walking the catwalk after a time. She said that she was totally comfortable while walking at Michael’s show. Maggie admitted that she forgot how much time has passed. Maggie has total trust in him and she knows that he will make her look beautiful always! She loves his designs too!

Maggie Rizer Walks at NYFW after A Decade

When she was asked about the collection and her favorites from that, she answered, she loved yellow and navy combination. Maggie liked the two-piece dresses from the collection. She admitted that she would definitely wear them!

As she is going on runway after a long time, the question was how she prepared herself for the show. She replied,“I shopped! If it’s good for the US economy, it’s good for me!”

The next question was about tips she got from backstage makeup artist. She added that what she learnt was one should always brush eyebrows. That makes your face look good. And at the same time one has to remember that you should know where to stop. Too much of face painting does not look good most of the times!

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