Many Fashion Brands Opting For Real Girls as Models

There is a big change coming in fashion world! Instead of hiring professional models, many more brands, stores, as well as websites which are part of the independent design world are tapping ladies who are not really professional models, and surely make the customers to visualize how the clothes will actually look like! There are economic reasons too as independent budgets ought to be tight. But more than only money it is better way to convince customer about their product! This way the professional model’s artificial looks will not take over the product’s own beauty!

Many Fashion Brands Opting For Real Girls as Models

Elizabeth Jaeger is one of such ladies! We have seen her modeling clothes for different independent style brands as well as vintage stores. Not only this but she is been taking efforts for the preparation of her first ever solo sculpture show which is expected in October, hosted at the Jack Hanley Gallery. Jaeger has worked for many fashion shows and is well-versed with camera. But, she clearly point out that she is not only in modelling!  She does her own sculpture work, but also assists artist Mika Rottenberg which is her day job!

Claire Mazur, who is co-founder of online shop named Of a Kind said, “The real-girl models we work with are all our friends. That means when it comes to things like hair and makeup, and overall look and attitude, they tend to be more in line with our style. We’ve had casting calls with professional agencies where they send beautiful girls… [but] they’re not necessarily representative of the Of a Kind girl.” The online shop sells limited edition pieces from upcoming designers.

Ellen Van Dusen, designer of line Dusen Dusen, added, “I want my brand to be accessible and inclusive, and I think using a girl with more standard proportions as a model communicates that message.” Recently, many big names from the world of branded fashion have opted for this concept because they also feel that this way their products more relate to the users!

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