Marissa Webb stepping down from her role of Banana Republic Creative Director

This position will not be allotted to any one at all and Webb will still continue to keep in touch as the company’s ‘adviser’.  At the New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2016 collection Marissa Webb stood there as the Creative Director of the famous brand Banana Republic. But well we get the buzz that it will eventually be the last or the last for the Gap Inc.-owned retailer. As per reports from WWD, it was confirmed by the Banana Republic rep that Webb will be releasing her post and will no more be positioned as creative director. She held this post about a year back.

However, the good part is she will not be leaving Banana Republic completely even though she is now transitioning into the role of a creative adviser. And in this role she will not have to be responsible for the entire work which she had to undertake when she was the creative director of the company.

Marissa Webb stepping down from her role of Banana Republic Creative Director 1

At the same time, Webb’s namesake line will still be encouraged and supported by Plus, Gap Inc. Overall the scenario seems to be quite fitting for Webb, who stated recently that she even had to work during weekends just to manage both the jobs productively.

Well the interesting part here is that Banana Republic will now not fill the role of creative director at all, in the very same way when Gap had chosen not to fill the very same role when in the month of January Rebecca had left the post. The global brand president of Banana Republic Andi Owen stated that this is the moment when she can willingly make a great move with a very proficient product team well positioned in hand.

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