Mark Jacob closes New York Fashion Week in his own style

Marc Jacob is a famous name in New York Fashion Week and he has never failed his fan and followers. And this year also he has surprised the world with his collection. His closing style, staying in a theatre, is no doubt extraordinary. Marc Jacob proved himself as a powerful and trustworthy showman and his exclusive and extraordinary shows are not only about clothes just- they are about making an experience and expression. And that was no doubt true for spring 2016 collection.

An audience shared his experience that at 5:40 pm on Thursday the B-train’s conductor announced that it would be running local and then they waited for a very long time. Very soon another Ziegfeld theatre-bound show-goer on the same train informed them that she was informed that the authority would be closing the door promptly at 5:50 at the venue.

Mark Jacob closes New York Fashion Week in his own style


While it is known to everyone that Marc Jacob starts his show always on time they thought it would be okay to reach at 5:57. Panic increased but they miraculously worked it out through the 7th avenue subway stop by 5:50 and went ahead to the theatre. Somehow they made it on time. A major publicist told them to “relax” and “stop running” as they arrived. The fashion premiere was like a movie premiere.

The place was arranged where the models were walking outside onto the red carpet where photos were getting clicked in front of a Marc Jacob step. In the actual theatre jazz orchestra was being played and a good number of Instragram was getting clicked. Katie Grand arranged for a number of celebrity models including Adriana Lima , Bella Hadid, Karen Elson, Kendell Jenner, Joan Smalls and even the gossip singer Beth Ditto, who truly was a fabulous show stopper. Winona Ryder, Dianna Agron, Debi Mazar, Sandra Bernhard were seen seated in the first row.

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