Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen strike back at former interns’ lawsuit

The Olsens with their company, Dualstar, will not stop anywhere without a good brawl! During the tenure of early August, The Row of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen surprisingly became the most recent label to be smacked with a high-class action lawsuit by one of their past interns. Now, hardly a few weeks left for their 2016 spring collection to be set for the Paris Fashion Week. And the Olsens are trying to hit back all the claims that were targeted by the Parsons School of Design graduate and fashion designer, Shahista Lalani, about their firm.

Dualstar Entertainment Group, which belongs to the Olsens, has come forth denying every single accusation that came across from Lalani’s case. Lalani, who from May 2012 to September 2012, had been a former intern at The Row. Lalani came across claiming that she had worked for 50 hour weeks and at that tenure she had also done some menial tasks that ranged from running personal errands for the paid employees to placing data into the spreadsheets.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen strike back at former interns' lawsuit

And for all these works she neither achieved any college credits nor was she paid for it. She also complained that at least she should be paid minimum wages which must also include the work she had done overtime. And also estimated that about 40 past and current interns should be entitled to come ahead and join her suit.

On the other hand, The Olsens, have come about countering that Dualstar at any point of time did not act in a wayward, reckless, irresponsible and/or spiteful manner! Not only this, the document also stated that Lalani has not been able to come up with adequate facts to represent the claims that she has made so far!

Get set for more action coming from this corner!

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