Miley Cyrus Stands Behind Homeless VMA Date Jesse Helt

Singer Miley Cyrus continued to support her Homeless Date Jesse Helt with whom she attended the MTV Video music awards, despite his controversial background.

Most celebrities, especially women, are seen dating other celebrities of similar background or others who are equally rich or richer than them. However, singer Miley Cyrus created a sensation at the MTV Video Music awards on Sunday 24 August 2014, appearing at the awards function with a homeless young man from Los Angeles Jesse Helt as her date. She had Jesse Helt give the acceptance speech on her behalf, where he claimed that though for most people in the audience, he was just an anonymous face, living in many shelters; he too had dreams and aspirations like everyone else.


The singer was so touched by his plight, when he gave the acceptance speech that she cried. Later reports appeared that the young man was wanted by the police in his native state of Oregon, but the singer continued to defend him. Jesse helt had been arrested by the police in 2010 when he was caught trying to burgle the house of the man who had sold him poor quality marijuana.. He was put on probation, but an arrest warrant was issued in November 2011, after he violated the probation the third time, giving him a suspended six month jail sentence if he violated probation again.

However, the singer Miley Cyrus continued to stand behind Jesse Helt, sponsoring his trip home to meet his family and providing legal assistance. She criticized the focus on his past, claiming that it removed the focus from the present issue of youth homelessness, that he had undergone very difficult times. Her mother Linda also defended her daughters cause. She claimed that people were not handling the issue correctly, asking people to donate money to young people, instead of finding a permanent solution to the problem. Other celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears are also supporting the singer for aiding the homeless shelter My Friends Place in Hollywood.

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