Miley Cyrus Wore Weird Attire at Jeremy Scott’s Show during NYFW

We all expected some weird looks from Miley Cyrus at ongoing NYFW. This time she proved all of us right by all means! On September 8, she was seen wearing a vibrant and animated look! Miley Cyrus really wore something totally unusual. The 21-year-old pop singer was seen wearing something weird as she was heading for the Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. At the show she displayed her art collection, what she named as Dirty Hippie. The collection was shown for the first time ever!

Last time Miley came into news as she wore topless thing around Alexander Wang .She was spotted wearing only pasties over her chest after the party was over! At this time she was seen fully covered in psychedelic look. Her unusual attire was composed of different pieces that included a tie dye soft cup brassier that was paired with colorful patchwork trouser. She combined this colorful look with white colored high top soft sports shoes! Cyrus was seen wearing accessories with a difference! She wore marijuana-like leaf shaped earrings and dared to wear garland which is made up of different materials like flowers, beads, and last but not the least a car air fresher! She styled her hair with ice-cream cone shaped hair slides. In hands she wore paper clip armlet along with button rings that gave her a total weird look!

miley cyrus wore weird outfit during nyfw

Only celebs like Miley can carry unusual looks like theses! But as she was dressed up not only for the runway show but also for exhibiting her own collection, should we expect similar properties in her collection which is known to have playful, unusual pieces. The collection was exhibited as part of Jeremy Scott’s show and it was first ever displayed.

Miley has already openly expressed her feelings about Jeremy Scott’s creations. She has admitted to just love wearing it. So it is any way the designer has returned the favor by including her collection in his show? He has allowed his models to wear and display her new Dirty Hippy accessories!

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