Molly Sims Talks about Staying Healthy In Pregnancy

For a celeb it is very important to maintain her fitness even in pregnancy too! Expecting Molly Sims shared a few tips on her blog about how she keeps herself fit during the ‘Bumpy times!’ The 41 year actress said that she is very much determined to follow healthy habits. As being pregnant she is well aware that it would be a holiday season of eating in coming future, she wants to keep her fitness routine without any disturbance! She further said that she would try to remain as healthy as possible!

According to Molly if one see work-out as drudgery then it is how one would feel. It is basically the way we look at things. If we want good results, it is important to look at it from positive perspective! The actress assured her readers that she would give them tips which can help them not to lose their motivation!

Molly Sims Talks about Staying Healthy In Pregnancy

One of the tips is, you can always have nice playlist with you which make you keep moving! One more tip she adds as, it is always good to have a friend with you and the whole fitness routine can become so much fun!  She said, “Misery loves company…JUST KIDDING.It is great route to giving yourself some support and accountability.”

Sims also said that every woman should try to look their best as they are into burning calorie regimen. According to her things like pair of skinny jeans and sneakers around can be kept around with you but a little spandex should not be able to hurt you. So, one should look at it like that!

She added, “Cute workout fashion puts a little spring in your step. “ How you should you look at the expandable spandex? Ok call it ‘your gym gear’, Sims adds further! It is an unbeatable fact that one has to look good to feel good!

Sims along with Scott Stuber, her husband, declared last month about their second baby. They already have a son named Brooks. Sims further wrote in her blog as,” I can’t even being to explain just how excited we are for a new baby. We are so, so, so blessed as a family. I’m speechless at the fact that we have the opportunity to bring a second bundle of joy into the world.”

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