‘NARS’ Has It for All Lips

A lipstick with strong color, silky consistency, maximum durability, and minimum smudging is the desired lipstick for any woman. It is hard to find a product with all these properties. But now times have changed! NARS is coming with new range of lip colors with all these characteristics. On its 20th anniversary NARS is bringing the best products for you.

It is introducing a brand-new, never-before collection of forty lip-colors with that magical creamy, pigmented formula. They will be offered in all-black, sleek, and magnetic tubes. With this new range, the bold colors will come up with new definition. These will be coming to the shops next month.

‘NARS’ Has It for All Lips

The shade ‘Fanny’ has dark berry-color. It is preferred by makeup artist when one wants to highlight green eyes. There’s no competition for NARS when it comes to consistency, which is very important when one is going for darker shades. If you like pink color then ‘Angela’ is for you. This warm color will immediately brighten up any look. ‘Rita’ is a very bright shade so even dark-color lovers will love to use it as the shade is really refreshing. ‘Bette’ is a deep crimson shade for people who like berry-colors with a difference. ‘Kelly’ is the shade which is dark pink but it is so magical that you can make it look bold or matte. It depends on you!

‘Janet’ can make you look stylish as it is magenta but its brightness does not make it look jazzy. So it is a perfect lip-wear to office goers. It goes perfectly well with black, white, and gray, that is on all kinds of office ware. ‘Leslie’ is a brick-red colored lipstick that will give you bright-red lips, the brightness you deserve. ‘Olivia’ is one more red color for the people who love to have dark color but with balanced intensity so you look just perfect!

Aren’t these all are irresistible?

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