Natasha Zinko Talks about How She Looks At Fashion and Balances Her Personal Life

Isn’t it interesting to know how designers think? How they focus on one line of fashion when thousands of options are there?Natasha Zinko, is the fashion designer from Russia who studied at Central Saint Martins. She learnt jewelry design at Central Saint Martins, but did not restrict herself and took up ready-to-wear also. She has experimented with different materials. When asked about what she would prefer- designing clothes and jewelry, she said, “I consider myself a jewelry designer but fashion is my passion and working on both gives me more freedom for experimentation and variety in design.”

For a common man designing clothes or jewelry may look like a similar process. While explaining the difference she said, “Jewelry design always comes through my emotions and feelings. I believe that [jewelry] could have a protective power, like a charm. Designing jewelry, you are 3D thinking on a smaller scale, while making clothes gives you the opportunity to play with bigger dimensions. Clothing is always inspired by my day-to-day life and surroundings.”

Natasha Zinko Talks about How She Looks At Fashion and Balances Her Personal Life

This jewelry designer is very famous for making weird but indeed beautiful pieces from precious materials like gold, pearl, and diamond. When asked about making little fun-adding stuff she says that one always needs fun in life. It is very part of daily life. She believes in all type favorite gold but that does not mean of being prototype every time.

She is proud to be a part of Saint Martins and learnt very important lessons there. She said, “’Never stop thinking.’ Teachers always persuaded us to put everything on a paper. Then the ideas would start to come to life. That’s why I always carry my small sketchbook no matter where I go.”

Among her eclectic collection she personally likes her bunnies. She says, “They always brighten up my day!” She is not only a designer but also a mother. She is enjoying being mother. She dreams of having a collection with her son as he grows up!

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