Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Masculine Side on the Pages of L’Uomo Vogue

Nicki Minaj is very famous when it comes to style transformations. She is known to camouflage in whatever transformation she undertakes!  No one needs to be her diehard fan to accept her image in Barbie look. You don’t have to be a fan to draft an image of Nicki’s self-proclamation of being a Barbie. She keeps changing her trend and every time without fail, it becomes news. Very recently, she was seen on red carpet with the most natural hair color along with simple looks. More recently than this, after release of “Anaconda”, cover art, Minaj made it look like even hotter than Jordan sneakers. But now this is something new! Not it’s time to see the artist’s masculine side. She is seen on the pages of L’Uomo vogue with totally different style and no doubt it is going to go viral in the fashion world!

Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Masculine Side on the Pages of L’Uomo Vogue

It is a black-and-white fashion spread which is part of VOGUE Italia’s men’s magazine. The flick was shot by Francesco Carrozzini. As we know fans and followers are very much eager to know and see how the star actually looks like but the magazine is revealing many details about it! As it is part of upcoming issue, the publication is acting little secretive about the whole thing!  From the information available, it is known that Minaj covered fully in the pic. She probably is in a crape-textured white and most surprisingly has a cute bob-hair style! Isn’t it a big transformation? We would see her most of the times in long hairstyle that touch her waistline. The hip-hop artist will visit us in a different trendy look as she is known to wear suit jackets with belts paired with matching pants. The artist is looking hot at the same time classy in the pic!

We saw Chanel’s recent at the Paris fashion week! In the show the cute models wore something which is masculine types!   It was Cara Delevingne who was seen in boxy tweed suit with a briefcase. Bottega Veneta offered a workwear-friendly collection at Milan. At London Paul Smith introduced loose Bermudas as well as long vests.

Her new look which is only half-revealed, looks matching with the style, but don’t be surprised if we see more additions by the stylish celeb!

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