NYFW or Social Media- Who Decides the Winner?

The New York Fashion Week has many winners. Naturally Marc Jacobs is always a winner. Opening Ceremony was the coolest show of all. Thom Browne will be known for the hats and Eckhaus Latta, for the unusual shoes! But if you ask New York Times and Twitter the winner is Michael Kors. The Times has reported that during New York Fashion Week, official schedules at September 4-11, and the winner i.e. Kors’ name was shared about 113,000 times. Can we call it victory?

If we talk only about Kors, it can be correct. He expanded business in Asia and has shown to be having 50% increases in sales in last quarter, such a win looks natural. He must have been optimistic throughout the show as his fresh sunny collection totally reflected his mood! In the initial periods, the Fashion Week was a just trade show that involved only few editors and buyers. But today, designers receive all the attention through strong social media network. Nowadays the shows get wide range of spectators and reactions mostly go live through Twitter!

APTOPIX Fashion Jeremy Scott Spring 2015

One reason which might have increased the number of visits at Kors’ Twitter account last week could be celebrity at his show. The celebs included Jessica Chastain, Olivia Munn Jada Pinkett Smith and last but not the least Mary J. Blige. All were there! And it went wild on social media! As it received lot of attention though this mode, it was believed that Kors treated fashion bloggers royally!

Miley Cyrus as expected around Alexander Wang. She went topless after the party and managed to come in news! She cat-walked for Jeremy Scott’s show too!

The Marc Jacobs’ show, was much more technically sound. It was discussed on Twitter as #MarcJacobsLIVE hashtag. All the people attended were given with headphones through which the audio experience was made the best. One could hear narrator who would talk in computer-generated Stephen Hawking’s voice, as models walk the carpet. The end of the show was made special with the 1976 short film “The Girl Chewing Gum,” as models finally leave the runway.

People did less Twitting on this show may be because of the experience at the show was mesmerizing and that was the victory of the show!

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