Olivia Munn Steals the Red Carpet with Her Feather Dress

Olivia Munn knows how to be the eye catcher. Recently she has been successful in stealing the red carpet by her high-end fashion. She dons a feather dress that perfectly shows her beautiful figure and defines her sense of style. Interestingly, the feather dress of Munn is a lookalike of the dress flaunted by Natalie Portman in Black Swan. The Ballerina Frock gets famous after Portman donned it in her Oscar winning role in Black Swan.

Munn visited the gala at American Ballet Theatre for attending the Opening Night Fall 204. The star of Newsroom looked as if like she was totally ready to hit the center stage of the event on Wednesday, Oct. 22.

The gorgeous actress of Magic Mike, 34, perfectly accessorized her Lanvin feathered mini dress with pumps that are sky-high and come with ankle strap. Her clutch with polkadot of black and white added the ex factor and the fun factor to her dress. In simple word Munn perfectly dressed herself with appealing and stylish dress and trendy and fashionable accessories.

Olivia Munn Steals the Red Carpet with Her Feather Dress

Munn seemed to be in the fun spirit of ballet theme, and she tried out a slick and stylish ballerina bun. She kept some strands of her shinny hair finely pulled out. Her fresh face added an extra shine to her appearance and she perfectly used her lipstick of bubblegum pink color. Wow, you are looking lovely!

The actress of Iron Man 2 seemed enjoying the sophistication of ballet, but she also admitted that she would like to indulge in hip hop. Munn defined herself as a party dancer.

In her words, “I’m a house party dancer, [with] everybody having fun, camera phones are down.” She added, “I’m a big fan of 90s hip hop, so anytime you put that on, I’ll start dancing.”

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