Pamela Love’s Jewelry Is Changing Form

Pamela Love’s jewelry is certainly different. You can see arrowheads, the geometrical shapes, like pentagrams, and slightly matt-finish metals. She has exclusive detailing. That is how you can define her jewelry. In 2006, she launched her namesake jewelry line. That range was little ‘Darker’ as compared to her new collection. As her new jewelry range has come, Love admits that she has “somewhat stepped away” from that blackish prototype look.

Love’s jewelry is no doubt liked by people but she herself had never thought to create her own range of ornaments. She started creating jewelry in middle school. She confesses, “It was a hobby of mine–I was interested in anything that involved working with my hands.”As she finished graduation from high-school, she started learning film making and painting at New York University. But she never stopped making jewelry. After completing education she did different kinds of jobs like she worked as stylist in a boutique.

Pamela Love’s Jewelry Is Changing Form

She also took training at diamond district; there she could excel her skills. But still Love did not take it seriously. She admits, “didn’t really think about going into jewelry as a career.” She continued making stuff as hobby. Her things grabbed attention and that’s how she took it as her career.

When talking about her journey in this field she said, “My aesthetic has always been very specific, but it was definitely darker when I first started my collections. As I have grown, I have somewhat stepped away from that, but it is still at the core of my jewelry.”

Love, does not restrict herself only to jewelry. She flaunts 35 tattoos. The first of all is showing the phases of the moon designed right behind her ear. She adds, “I had been working with a lot of gold, and had just traveled to a gold mine in South America.” Her favorite tattoo is on her back and that is a cow skull.

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