Paris Fashion Week Become Techno-Savvy with Japanese Touch!

All fashion editors, celebrities and buyers finally said goodbye to Milan and said “Bonjour Paris” on Tuesday. All of them will be looking forward to attend the last, colorful of all, the spring-summer 2015 ready-to-wear shows. A few designers made changes as they will be soon part of the most colorful event! Anthony Vaccarello, made changes by plastering his name in big sized letters all over his attires that must have given him a ‘feel-good’ effect! At the same time newbie house Anrealage was seen trying to cook its models for art’s sake! We all know that, “fashion has no mercy.”

Japanese house Anrealage showed something very original on the day one of the fashion week! For any newcomer, there of pressure as he/she has to make his own mark! Kunihiko Morinaga the house designer took this literally as he cooked imprints into his creations that to live while on the go! We got to see something new and that is for sake of art! At the show, several models wearing without any design black and white colored trapeze-silhouettes, along with stencil-like cotton fabric and lace outer-wears practically walked into a “grill” area. At this secret area they where took a stop to get heat up by high-beam light.

Paris Fashion Week Become Techno-Savvy with Japanese Touch


As they left the ‘Grill’ area, audience observed rippled “grill” patterns which got imprinted on the parts of the techno-fabric which was exposed to heat. It looked like a micro waved Jacquard. The attempt was appreciated and the debut show was a success! To add more effects into it, the models were seen wearing stiff, bob-like wigs which looked like in severe need of shower in hot spring-summer show.

The award-winning Morinaga is already famous in native Japan. He is known for his daring to merge art and fashion together. In the year 2009 creation he created a square box that gets converted into a trench coat as we remove the box ribbing.

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