Paula Gerbase’s Style And Her Spring 15 Collection Highlights

Paula Gerbase has changed the way designers actually go about their new collections. She actually started with the  fabric. As a part of Spring 2015 outing, she went to any places for the search of fabrics! She went to  Switzerland for the cotton, to England for her fabrics used for suits, and not to forget Japan for denim. She did not stop here. She also did  experiments with fabrics like polyester which is breathable  and nylon and synthetic yarns whom she calls as  the “poor cousins” of cashmere as well as of merinos. The experimentation did not stop here. She added few samples of the clothes on the invitations too!

Gerbase has many prominent things on her CV. She has degree from a Central Saint Martins, she has worked at Hardy Amies and Kilgour. Her present qualification is artistic director of John Lobb shoe brand owned by the Hermès. Her designs always have few things in common. Those include manly silhouette and subtle shades of grey, black and denim. Her eye for details makes a routine cloth look very special. She adds details like structured pleat. That detailing  at the cloth level adds special trends to the skirts, and  trousers.

Paula Gerbase’s Style And Her Spring 15 Collection Highlights

Her pieces may look very simple, but if you go in details, one can figure out the level of complexity. She adds, “I think a lot of proportions, even two millimeters may as well be two acres for me, considering how much they impact a look. It is really the construction and cut that informs the shape.”

Her skill of perfect tailoring comes from the training she received by Savile Row training. Her highly appreciated design could be the knee-length superb jumpsuit of Suisse cotton which has slit that covers the pockets along with loose belt which made the attire a comfort-wear! The  highlight of her collection was razor-edged suits made from Japanese denims. Rectangles of copper fixed as brooches with the use of magnets, was the fantastic way to wear accessories! Gerbase whose parents are doctors  says that that architects ,d doctors, museum-goers and gallery dwellers generally like her look. They are kind of people who would go away from  limelight and get adjusted to cityscape quietly.

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