Photo Shoot of Burberry Fragrance Features Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Together

How do you feel when you will catch a fashion legend and a rising star together? It is really tempting, right? Then be ready to find the two beauties from the fashion world. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are seen together in the photo shoot of Burberry Fragrance! The two models are featured in classic trench coats from Burberry. The models promoted My Burberry. The point of interest is that the two supermodels pose together for the first time for the heaven scent pictures.

Kate Moss- the fashion legend has been a source of inspiration for Cara Delevingne. This young rising star Cara told, “I was such a tomboy, but Kate Moss, I just knew exactly who she was – she was the face, she was the icon.” Kate has been praised and followed not only by Cara, but by also other models. Naomi Campbell, the 44 years old supermodel believes that Kate, her contemporary model, is the style icon at the true sense. Naomi said, “Cara is Cara Delevingne, Kate is Kate Moss.” She also said, “Kate is an icon.”

Photo Shoot of Burberry Fragrance Features Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Together

Cara Delevingne has already made her name as one of the top models of the present day. And many people also compare her with Kate saying she will be the next Kate Moss. But Naomi does tell, “People are just saying that because she `is the same height as Kate. But there is only going to be one Kate Moss.” Naomi also praises Cara saying “It has just begun for her and she is doing amazingly well.” But Naomi also has told, “Cara may become an icon: who knows how long she wants to do it for?”

However, we wish to see both these top models together in more photo shoots in the coming days. And we wish both the models good luck for all their coming works.

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