Planning a trip to San Diego

From the latest in authentic street food to blazing sunshine, there are a hundred and one good reasons to visit California’s southernmost city, San Diego. With an average temperature of 70 degrees and 70 miles of sun-bleached beaches, San Diego just oozes good times, relaxation, and an incredible atmosphere like nowhere else. If you’re planning a visit, take a few tips from the locals to hit the best spots — and avoid the worst.


La Jolla

If you head west from pretty much anywhere in the city, you’ll hit a beach, but La Jolla (the jewel in Spanish) is the must-see beach, with stunning rugged coastline, pine trees, and sandstone canyons. Whether you’re into dining in style with an ocean view at some of SoCal’s finest restaurants, or if you prefer an active day riding the surf, or even if you want to catch some rays, this beach resort has something to offer everyone.

However, if you’re planning to hit the beach at La Jolla, you don’t want to go unprepared. The vibe here veers towards the upscale, so make sure you’re packing the authentic SoCal beach look in the shape of the latest fashion swimwear.


Tequila, Tacos and Craft beer

Mexican-American food does not come any better than in San Diego’s Old Town. Why not head directly for Café Coyote and sample their famous hand-made tortillas? If you prefer a little beer, then San Diego is the place for you: the city boasts no fewer that 115 craft breweries. Fancy sampling them all? Just remember to hydrate too!


Coronado Island

If you’re looking for a more chilled-out feeling, head over to Coronado Island. Not a real island, in fact, but a narrow peninsula reached by crossing San Diego Bay. The quarter offers a tranquil beach, a stunning hotel and some great golfing on a course overlooking the bay.


Take a safari

If you’re an animal lover, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park offers an ethical way to catch a glimpse of the wonder of nature. The park serves up a genuine safari-style experience, where a lot of big animals are roaming freely in their natural habitat.


Take a trip with the locals

San Diego has so much to offer the visitor, but there are some downsides too. The city is not immune from rip-off tourist traps and tedious so-called attractions. To avoid these common pitfalls, why not cut to the chase and schedule in some authentic San Diego tours with locals who can custom-build your visit to show you the real deal?


Watch out for Batman

Just one word of warning: while any time of year is a great time to get a little San Diego in your life, the city does get its share of rain and cloud, particularly in Winter. Also, if you’re planning on booking a stay in the city, avoid clashing with the ever more popular Comic-Con. It can be hard to find a room during the convention when hotel rooms get booked up faster than the Flash!

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