Ralph Lauren’s Catwalk Show at NYFW

Ralph Lauren’s catwalk show for spring/summer 2015 happened on Friday morning as a part of New York Fashion Week. The people judged the content of the show from the beautiful decorative lights hanging all over the ceiling at the venue. Chandeliers were of golden color which had looped crystal. Those were seen to be covered by layers of ivory colored chiffon. The decoration was indeed tasteful and showed a traditional mood.

The collection had floor-length tulle attires in along with satin sheaths and gowns with sequence designs. White colored pants and short V-neck fashioned jackets had a classy look. There were few designs which showed that Lauren is trying something different. Those were the designs which received much appreciation! Those included a pair of loose trousers with huge pockets, famously called as ‘Combat’ trousers and it was paired with bright violet colored asymmetric top made up of satin fabric. This combination was particularly suitable for the young ladies who are adapting to day to night lifestyles. With such attire looking ‘Casually glamorous’ was really effortless! Such hybrid gives you just perfect look. A few other designs were bit hip! This is not the way by which one can describe American Fashion trends. The combination of combat trousers along with huge collared bomber jacket which is made up of khaki satin would really suit star like our favorite badgirl RiRi!

Ralph Lauren’s Catwalk Show at NYFW

The show to begin with displayed trademark gowns. Combat trousers had their signature shape restored elegant cut design gave it an ‘Expensive’ look! Highlights of the show were short length fuscia trousers which were paired with khaki silk top and matched to look trendy with high-heeled sandals. Other beautiful piece was a camel-colored boilersuit made up of satin fabric. Other liked piece was a pumpkin orange colored dress which had shirt-like design and which was secured at waist. The jewellery collection was also attention grabber! It had vibrant colored detailed neckpieces made from gems, earrings of teardrop shape and many more! All collection together definitely had a ‘Lauren’ feeling!

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