Rihanna Comes With Bolder Look

Rihanna is doing one more fashion magazine cover page! She is appearing on the cover page of ‘W’ magazine for the month of September. She is again coming and surely going to stun you with her looks. She is coming with fall specific makeup and unmatchable tribal look and her bright lips! We know there have been combinations like this before but Rihanna will leave all of them behind.

On August 11, the famous pop-star Rihanna, who is 26, posted pictures from her latest ‘W’ magazine cover page on Twitter. No doubt she looks out of the world. She looks stunning. We have never imagined a pop star to be so glamorous in that tribal makeup and sooty eye look! She is the one who can take such risks, try to look so bold with such a huge confidence.

Rihanna Comes With Bolder Look

Although her love life has become talk of the town recently, she is keeping herself busy with such activities. She is successfully moving ahead in her carrier. Rihanna has recently posted picture of new perfume range and none the less, new Cosmetics collection by MAC!

The bunch of photos Rihanna has released on her Twitter, she named them as “Eskimo Horror Story.” This description is misleading as the star looks really pretty. The September issue renames her unofficially as “The World’s Wildest Style Icon” and also refers her as “Badgal,” Rihanna is reported to  wear her famous ‘ Meadowlark septum ring’ and has blue colored facial work done, so you know fans are just looking forward to grab the issue!

Rihanna also released images which are specially cropped so one can clearly see her makeup and, weird jewelry used in this shoot. She is seen wearing many septum rings at a time!

Her strong makeup makes these pictures unforgettable! She has make up all over her face! On chin and forehead you can see little less work done, so they look red colored! It is no doubt strong look but Rihanna carries it well!

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