Rihanna informs ‘Vanity Fair’ that she is done naked dressing

On Tuesday, Vanity Fair launched its cover for November, 2015 showing Rihanna in a couture jumpsuit by Valentino. In her Havana based photo session by ace photographer by Annie Lobovitz Riri appears to be lying bare-bottomed on a couch. She had those leopard-print mules by Manolo Blahnik. Despite that the songstress told Lisa Robinson, the contributing editor, that she was over with making public appearances wearing next to nothing dresses.

In the CFDA Awards, 2014 Rihanna made an appearance in such a dress which showed her sporting the trend of naked dressing. Adam Selman, an American designer, had designed the custom-made gown which was embellished with crystals. Rihanna had bared even her bum and breasts. She was just wearing a nude thong and a stole made of fur when she received the award of Fashion Icon from Anna Wintour.

Rihanna informs ‘Vanity Fair’ that she is done naked dressing

She told Lisa Robinson that she wished to adorn something that appeared like the attire was floating on her. She added that afterwards it occurred to her that she won’t do it for some time. She said that she would not be revealing anymore because then it would look appear to be a gimmick. Riri told that the CFDA Awards night was alike the last hurrah. She made up her mind to get a break and wear clothes instead. Until now she has kept her word. At the Paris Fashion Week she wore a grand cape coat for the Dior fashion show and out-dressed the others.

Rihanna has a house in New York as well as Los Angeles. She told that a major criterion for her home in West Coast was that the house required having sufficient bedrooms to convert into closets in case she needed more space for her ever-increasing wardrobe. She is a highly successful singer, brand ambassador of Dior, Puma’s creative director and is regularly on the annual list of Vanity Fair’s best dressed people. Thus, there is no doubt that her wardrobe requires a lot of space.

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