Sarah Burton Talks about Kate’s Wedding Dress and How People Misinterpret Her

It has been three years for the royal marriage. Everyone has not yet forgotten the event and especially the beautiful wedding gown worn by Kate Middleton. It was a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress. The wedding attire was literally worshiped by followers and instantly copied by some designers. Now for the first time the designer,narrated her experience about working for a royal marriage and many misinterpretations people make about her!

The dress was a long-sleeved wedding gown that had combination of v-neck, beautiful train and last but not the least the long-established delicate veil! For the designer, designing wedding gown for long awaited royal wedding was a wonderful experience. Sarah Burton admits that we are living in world which is obsessed about getting fame but she believes in being little low-profile. She would rather choose to keep her relation with the client personal. Burton also said that her working style makes people to misinterpret her as being shy or scared to reveal any details of the royal project. She says all that is nonsense.

Sarah Burton Talks about Kate’s Wedding Dress and How People Misinterpret Her

Sarah narrated how she loves making dresses and how much she would try to connect to the client. That’s how she designs attire suitable for the person as well as the occasion. “She also said that according to her a wish of woman for any kind of dress is very much natural. She was delighted to design the wedding dress for Kate and took it as a challenge. She designed it from bottom of her heart and did not expect any fame out of it! Sarah narrated the experience one day before wedding day as, “I had no idea it would be as big as it was! Only the night before, seeing all the photographers outside the abbey, did I think, ‘Oh, my God? This is massive.” In all it was a great experience for her!

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