Schiaparelli to launch pret-a-couture

Diego Della Valle’s fashion brand Schiaparelli has had its revival like all other big fashion brands in recent times. Pret-a-couture was a term mentioned by the owner which means that the fashion clothes are somewhere between the customized couture and ready to wear. Marco Zanini, who headed the creative designs department for the brand, showed such couture collections and reflected the idea in his first couture in the year 2014 in January. Since then Schiaparelli fashion house has been showcasing such haute couture every season. The latest news, which is trending these days from the house of Schiaparelli, is that the Bertrand Guyon, the new creative director, is also ready with his pret-a-couture collection for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week.

Marco Zanini, who handled this department for Schiaparelli, had left the fashion house in November. His departure was very sudden and unexpected and the fashion house had then confirmed his departure.

Schiaparelli to launch pret-a-couture

However, it was not confirmed that who will head the department next. Zanini had headed Schiaparelli for only two seasons and as he left, Guyon was being considered as his replacement. It is confirmed by the fashion house that Guyon will present his couture in the spring 2016 shows, which will be a part of the Paris Fashion Week.

The shows will be on for four days. Fashion enthusiasts interested in buying these couture dresses can avail it from the headquarters of Schiaparelli located in Paris. The collection is reportedly very expensive as well as very exclusive. Guyon on joining Schiaparelli has claimed that he is highly honored by the fashion house as he has been given this opportunity by the brand as he is very much fascinated by the brand of Schiaparelli. Guyon on the other hand has been known as a seasoned couture designer since he has immense experience of working in couture departments of big brands like Givenchy, Valentino and Christian Lacroix.

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