Selena Gomez Rocks in Her Cutout Jumpsuit

Recently, she looked pretty chic and stylish as she embarked the street style looks just as her close buddy Taylor Swift. Yes, we are talking about the hot and sweet Selena Gomez. And we cannot disagree that she looked so chic and modish in her cutout stylish and hot jumpsuit.

We caught the 22 year old cute songstress in a Free People denim jumpsuit. She had come down for a healthy snack break and she chose to stick to simple but stylish outfit. Her Free People jumpsuit had beautifully cut out details from both the sides and Selena walked past smartly in her quilted stiletto booties.

She looked extremely radiant in bronzed skin. And she looked prim and chic in those ruby red pout and sparkling lush lashes. Her million dollar smile between laughs adds the extra charm to her stylish appearance.

Selena Gomez Rocks in Cutout Jumpsuit 1

The Disney star was quite joyful and in good spirits while she was out for some snack time. We have to admit that we always catch her smiling big and she looks as sunny as always!

She also took to Instagram and came out clean noting that the Internet is a place where you get to update yourself. However, she gets quite irked when she hears some lies about her being circulated all over the Internet. She further added that people have watched her when she was happy as well as in pain. And she has been truthful about her feelings through her music and actions. She said that she has literally grown up with everyone around and will be more than proud to reveal what the next chapter in her life deals with! She will always come what may, stick to the, TRUTH!

Go Selena, we are with you girl!

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