Shows at Fashion Week on 9/11 Were With Difference

We all know that the final day of the New York fashion week or NYFW was on the unforgettable Sept. 11.  It is the same day when the city faced the worst form of violence! The fashion week was planned for that year during the same period. It had actually started but after the tragedy that season did not continue. The few businesses involved in that did not work! The loss was experienced by both, the city as well as the fashion industry.

And while fashion has a strange discomfort with acknowledging any sort of historical memory that it cannot redesign (don’t expect any memorials on seats or in program notes; the show must go on!), this season felt less willfully ignorant about the time-space-product continuum than others have.

Shows at Fashion Week on 9 11 Were With Difference

On Wednesday at Boss the artistic director, Jason Wu, had chosen the 56th floor of 4 World Trade Center to display its sophomore women’s collection. The pieces at the show were no doubt a way different from usual. Even if we consider the range it had covered it was different from routine corporate uniforms. The designs were more like professional dress with personal touch. The pieces were like shirtwaists cut by graphite lines which were 1960s-inspired. Other pieces included T-shirts with geometric fashion and miniskirts made up of leather. The other exclusive piece was a white button-down shirt paired pencil skirt which was silver beaded.

After a few hours the Proenza Schouler happened on Wall Street. The event was full of spectators who witnessed twin beams of light that were seen shooting up from skyline of the plaza.

The brand is essentially a post-9/11 brand which was founded in the year 2002. The collection had reflections of the chaos. It displayed a full tug-o-war between two generations: the modern and the old. The show displayed all unusual which can be counted as uncomfortable combinations. It had sportswear in two types like classics and complicated materials, shirts and vests and big skirts too! The colors like forest green and white and orange and black.

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