Some of the Most Iconic Bags Ever

Bags are both a necessary accessory for women for carrying essentials as well a style statement to reflect the personal style of a particular woman

Since most women do not wear garments with pockets, which can be used for carrying essential like keys, cash, documents and credit cards, they usually have to carry a bag or clutch with them. Thus a well designed, high quality and fashionable designer bag is both a necessity and an investment which is worth the money spent on the bag as it can be considered to be collectible, whose value will increase over a period of time. Many of the famous fashion designers have developed a series of bags to meet the unending demand for fashionable and well designed handbags for women.

Some of the Most Iconic Bags Ever

Some of the most popular and iconic bags are discussed.

  1. Speedy Louis Vuitton – One of the most popular and spacious designer handbags, made with a typical Louis Vuitton print. Excellent finish and construction, very popular luxury bag, used by celebrities around the world.
  2. Chanel 2.55 – Classical quilted aged calfskin bag. One of the most iconic and  popular bags manufactured by Chanel.
  3. Mulberry, Bayswater –  Leather bags with simple design, high quality durable leather, was launched in the year 2002. These bags are popular with famous celebrities like kate moss
  4. Fendi, Baguette – this handbag was launched over fifteen years ago in 1997, and there are over seven hundred variations of this bag, in different colors and designs. The bag is both fashionable enough and compact to be used for nights away from home.
  5. Gucci, Jackie – this handbag from the house of Gucci was originally seen on the fashion icon Jackie Onassis and is named after her. It has undergone a number of variations over the years to keep up with the changing requirements of the customers, incorporating features to make it more modern.  It takes about thirteen hours to make this intricate bag.
  6. Hermes, Constance – another handbag which was popular with Jackie Onassis, was named after constance, the daughter of the designer.
  7. Givenchy, Antigona – one of the most expensive designer handbags, which is popular with famous celebrities like beyonce and naomi watts. This elegant and classic handbag has undergone several modifications to upgrade the design based on the needs of the customer.
  8. Lulu Guinness – this red clutch shaped like lips, combines fashion with a well sculpted design.

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