Some Tips to become a fashion designer

Food, housing and clothes are the most essential items for every human being, so a fashion designer will always be in demand anywhere in the world.

Fashion designers who can comfortable, trendy and affordable clothes will always be in demand anywhere, so fashion design is a lucrative career option for any person who is interested in fashion, and wants to earn a living doing whatever he or she enjoys.

Some Tips to become a fashion designer

Though both the online and offline media carry images of a glamorous fashion designer, this profession involves a lot of hard work, and a number of skills, such as a keen fashion sense, ability to forecast trends in the future, knowledge of different fabrics, sketching and drawing skills, ability to stitch clothes.

Any person interested in becoming a fashion designer is advised to first develop the above skills. They can then apply for the various fashion design courses offered locally as well as internationally based on their budget. Many of these fashion schools have an aptitude test for students, and promising students are offered scholarships. The duration of these fashion design courses is usually three to four years depending on the colleges, and gives an opportunity to the students to learn fashion design skills in a professional manner, interning with a well known fashion designer for part of the course.

After completing the course, the fashion designer is advised to work under an experienced fashion designer for some time, to learn the tricks of the trade. It will also help to build contacts and save some money before a fashion designer starts an independent practice. The fashion designer should learn to stitch clothes from fabric, so that they can guide the tailors accordingly for the different types of fabric ranging from cotton, spandex, lycra, to silk and satin. They can then prepare a portfolio of their designs and approach garment manufacturers or fashion boutiques depending on the market for their clothes.

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