Spotted Kim Kardashian With Blonde Hair

Celebrity and actress Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair look has again become the subject of much speculation in gossip column and celeb tracking websites

World famous celebrity and actress Kim Kardashian’s frequent changes of her hair color have always been the subject of speculation and the topic of discussion both online and offline in the media through world.

Spotted Kim Kardashian With Blonde Hair

Spotted Kim Kardashian With Blonde Hair

The actress who usually leaves her straight shoulder length hair open seems to be experimenting with her look frequently based on current trends and changing her hair color seems to be a part of the change. She had colored her hair in a dark brunette shade in February this year, but she seemed to regret the change in color, though many who track her appearance have reason to believe that darker hair suits the celebrity actress more than blonde hair.

As Kim Kardashian prepared to participate in a new season of her popular reality show in February with her family, keeping up with the Kardashians, the actress had changed her hair color to a darker brunette color, since most of the people around her had blonde hair. Almost immediately after coloring her hair in a darker shade, she was quoted in the online media as saying that she wished she had not colored her hair in the new darker color, was missing her blonde hair and wished she had retained her original blonde hair. She was looking for advice on whether she should change her hair color back to blonde.

 Now four month after she dyed her hair a dark brunette color, the celebrity actress Kim Kardashian seems to have reverted back to her blonde hair. She was spotted at an appearance with blonde hair, but it is not known whether the change in hair color was only for just a single promotional shoot where a blonde look was needed, or whether she had changed her hair color permanently to the blonde tresses she is so fond of. Only tracking her photos and appearances on online websites like instagram will confirm whether the change is permanent.

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