Stella McCartney ended ties with Ovis 21

Ace fashion designer Stella McCartney is known for her skilled workmanship. She is also a loyal vegetarian diet follower. Her staunch support for animal rights and her love for the animals have compelled her to end all ties with her Argentinean supplier of wool Ovis 21 after PETA reported inhumane treatment of the animals by the supplier.

She has decided that she will no longer buy wool from this ranch. The same ranch also works for other clothing retailers like Patagonia. Stella as one of the animal rights activists and advocates has always been very vocal about such happenings against animals and has been known for taking the first step in order to curb such inhumane practices.

Stella McCartney ended ties with Ovis 21

Her brand of clothes and her label strictly commits to using fur, leather, and skin alternatives. After PETA released a graphic video of Ovis 21 and focused on its ill treatment of the ranch animals and its cruel workers activities on the ranch, Stella McCartney immediately posted on Instagram that she will cut all ties with the ranch and the supplier. The video released by PETA showed the ranch workers using shearing knives on conscious lambs, kneeling on them, sawing through their necks. Stella called it distressful video after watching it and denounced the suppliers.

She also applauded the PETA official for under taking such investigation and exposing the ranch activities. She said being a designer herself, she has always used alternatives of animal products and have mostly stayed away from such designs which uses animal furor other animal products. However she cannot tolerate this and as an animal activist, she always fights for their rights as these animals are innocent. She said they are also looking for alternatives for wool as they have developed alternatives for leather and fur in the past years. Even Patagonia denounced Ovis 21 but has not claimed to severe any ties yet.

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